Autostore: Newest ASRS system

The robot-based ASRS that supports goods-to-person or goods-to-robot picking.

It is designed to handle both fast and slow-moving small-order and small-case-pick SKUs with extremely high storage density.

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Four main components:

  • A three-dimensional storage Grid
  • Storage Bins that contain inventory
  • A team of Robots that retrieve bins
  • Interface Ports between the operator and system.


  • Max inside W: 403 mm / L:603 mm / H: 404 mm


  • Capacity: up to 24 storage boxes vertically
  • Maximum height: 5.4 m


  • Storage and retrieval: average 25-30 bin/hr
  • Max Speed 4 m/s & 1.6 m/s Lift Speed
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