Automotive industry is becoming dynamic nowadays that is shorter product lifecycles, models diversity, multiclass and increased customization.

There’re affecting an expectation of new logistics technologies deployment, such as faster and more efficient, for example, metal stillage used for storing automotive parts and pallet boxes and also lightweight, bulky products to transport and store automotive parts in ASRS warehouse.

HLM offer tailor-made logistics solutions customized for each enterprises in automotive industry to keep pace with growth. There include higher storage capacity, faster operation and accuracy to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction thanks to flexible solutions.

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Typical Solutions:

  • Heavy-load ASRS systems, such as Stacker Crane, Shuttle Systems
  • Mini-load ASRS systems for small parts warehouse
  • Conveyor, Zone to Zone movement, AGV
  • Order picking systems, Palletizing
  • Warehouse management system and control software
  • VNA Rack, Selective Rack, Shelving,…