Food & Beverage

You need to be well equipped to handle Food & Beverage (F&B) whose demand required diversifying with more new products day by day such as convenience meals, organic and diets choice, low sugar options, soft drinks and spirits… While store orders are becoming smaller and more frequent.

Recently regulatory and product safety requirements are stricter, likewise “Farm to Fork” or “Farm to Table” business leading to increasing demand and challenging producers and distributors.

We understand today’s challenges of F&B and come up with tailor-made solutions accordingly that helps you to improve efficiency, productivity and deliver the best fresh products to consumer as fast as possible.

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Typical Solutions:

  • Automated solutions with high-density pallet storage systems
  • Conveyor, Zone to Zone movement, AGV
  • Temperature controlled — Cool and Cold Storage
  • Order picking systems for retail stores, e-Commerce
  • Mixed-case palletizing, layer picking, piece picking
  • Warehouse management system and control software
  • VNA Rack, Shuttle Rack, Pallet Flow Rack,…
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