Invested by Hoa Long Investment Construction Joint Stock Company. With business as a company specializing in investment and industrial zone infrastructure rental factories with many years experience in Vietnam.

2018 Hoa Long mechanical started to become a member of Hoa Long’s business ecosystem and quickly get a positive recognition in the market of Industrial Racking System in Vietnam.

In today’s agile and complex logistics environment, customers  deserve and expects more than just a traditional warehouse services provider. At Hoa Long SRS (Storage Racking Systems), we understand our clients’ needs, which is why we continually  develop customizable and integrated solutions, focusing on:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Timely order fulfillment
  • Reducing new product time to market
  • Adaptability and flexibility to consumer demand
  • Building sustainability into our clients’ supply chain
  • Expertise in growing our clients’ market share in Vietnam and emerging economies

We offer end-to-end warehousing solution from warehouse design and solution consulting to setup and installation. Let Hoa Long SRS focus on customized warehousing services and solutions to meet your requirements.