Instead of establishing an in-house warehouse, some customers pay a high attention to outsourcing logistics service from Third-Party Logistics company (3PL). There’re many beneficial reasons to understand why clients choose 3PL:

  • Flexibility, scalability, accuracy and traceability
  • Focusing on major skills, such as: producing, sales,…
  • Reducing In-house cost

HLM acknowledge and carries out projects for both top global and local 3PL company which manage high cycles, seasonal & promotional peaks, multi-client facilities and variety of products. In addition, they almost desire more efficient and modular scalability such as logistics assets that can be reconfigured or redeployed as needed.

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Typical Solutions:

  • ASRS with modular options
  • Conveyor
  • High-speed automated sortation system
  • Mixed-case palletizing, layer picking, piece picking
  • Temperature controlled — Cool and Cold Storage
  • Advanced software to provide insights into the operation
  • VNA Rack, Selective Rack, Drive-In Rack, Rack-for-Rent service,…