Mobile racking

A High-Density Storage System and High Selective Rate have only one forklift access aisle. The Pallet Racks are placed on mobile chassis providing simple access for forklift.

Systems of sensor ensure Labor safety the movement of the racks. An ideal storage system for cold storage thanks to optimizing the land use.

Optimize space and considerably increases total storage capacity Direct access to each pallet

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Pallet(mm)Forklift entry (mm)BeamStandard(mm)No. OFPallet/BayCapacity


  • All types of lift trucks.
  • Operated in freezing chambers (up to -30ºC).
  • Appling for fast-moving SKU/ many SKU warehouse.
  • Good stock rotation
  • Picking rate: fast
  • Selective rate: 100%
  • Floor space utilization: up to 70%
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