Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals require a highest level of safety and very strict compliance in warehousing and distribution.

Those specific industries essentially demand such as availability/accuracy of inventory, temperature-controlled storage, hazardous materials storage, serialization, traceability, FEFO strategies.

Robust and efficient systems are also needed to meet high standards of the industries, providing elimination error, real-time control, visibility, and operational insight.

HLM solutions could support clients benefit from efficient, flexible choice customized to your business. Moreover, our Automation Solution with robot-supported, state of the art technology of handling equipment and high-bay warehouse can be integrated all in one software.

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Typical Solutions:

  • Mini-load handling such as Autostore, Shuttle systems
  • Pallet Stacker Cranes and high-bay warehouse
  • Temperature controlled — Cool and Cold Storage
  • Conveyor, Zone to Zone movement, AGV
  • Order picking systems Palletizing
  • Warehouse management system and control software
  • VNA Rack, Shuttle Rack, Pallet Flow Rack,…
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