Retail & E-commerce

The explosion of e-retailing has seen an increase the large number of fulfilment center which have been designed to manage high quantity of small orders. Moreover, warehousing landscape is certainly changing to cross-dock, fulfilment center, consolidation points and close to the point of consumption to ensure customer satisfaction.

Nowadays, Ecommerce platforms are innovated to deeply understand personalization of online customers and becoming smart, trustworthy, easy-to-use (click & pick),… Therefore, their warehouse must afford split case picking, multiline item sorting as fast as possible even seasonal demands.

Fast and accurate delivery of orders are critical challenge of today’s retailers. HLM offer the flexible and modular technologies and standardized software to deal with the requirements for both e-commerce platforms and retail chains.

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Typical Solutions:

  • Autostore: state-of-the-art storage and picking process
  • Mobile rack andGood-to-Person AVG systems
  • Mini-load ASRS such as Cranes, Shuttle Systems
  • Conveyor
  • Order picking systems Palletizing
  • High-speed automated sortation system
  • Reverse logistics
  • Warehouse management system and control software
  • VNA Rack, Selective Rack, Multi-Tier Floor,…


Selected Products and Modules Functional

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