Double-Deep Racking System

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Originating from selective racking systems, the pallets are now stored two rows deep instead of one. The double deep racking system requires specialized pallet handling equipment using ether a specialized forklift (Reach Truck) or a standard unit a with double deep handling attachment. The double deep pallet racking has 30% more capacity compared with the selective racking system, but only 50% of the pallets are immediately retrievable. The double deep pallet racking system combines the advantages and disadvantages of Selective Racking System and Drive–in Racking system.


  • Special reach truck
  • Safe product protection to height of 11 m
  • Average stock rotation
  • Selective rate: 50 %
  • Floor space utilization: 40% or 30% more than selective
  • 50% – 60% of floor –space (for on level)




Forklift entry (mm) Beam


No. OF


800×1200 800 2700 3 1000
1000×1200 1000 2300 2 1000
1200×1000 1200 2700 2 1000