Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine system allows you to change empty overhead space into usable storage areas. Depending on the size of your facility, a mezzanine can be one, two or more levels high.

Mezzanine floors are perhaps one of the most useful and practical ways of utilizing and optimizing space in your factory, office or warehouse.

Mezzanines can be integrated into existing racking systems and are designed with stability-versatility concept.

Although a Mezzanine structure can be bolted to an existing building for support, it can also be easily relocated to another facility if your storage requirements change.


  • Operation using combined forklift with trolleys and hand loading & unloading. Mezzanine can be one, two or more levels
  • Another of Mezzanine containing racks on it
  • Quick& easy to assemble
  • Can be adapted to specific client requirements


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