VNA Racking Systems

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Very narrow aisle (VNA) racking system, a kind of selective pallet racking system , is designed to meet the new generation of warehouse up to 15 m high .In VNA systems, pallet racks can be placed closer together than other solutions , so they increase more use of the cubic space and maximized storage. But they must be combined with special purpose handling equipment that may require guidance by steel rail


  • Safe product protection to height of 15 m
  • Good stock rotation
  • Selective rate: 100 %
  • Floor space utilization: 50% or 40% more than selective in high warehouse operation.
  • Require the super –flat floor surface




Forklift entry (mm) Beam


No. OF


800×1200 800 2700 3 1000
1000×1200 1000 2300 2 1000
1200×1000 1200 2700 2 1000